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Lopskops tjop & dop

The lop has always had this insane love towards pork chops so we tend to get them over lamb chops more often than not BUT a few weeks ago we had friends over for a braai and they brought lamb chops with them and boy-oh-boy were they delish!! A few weeks later, our weber started calling, our tastebuds started tingling and our choices became confusing…

Lamb or pork, lamb or pork, lamb or pork, lamb or pork, lamb or pork CHOPS (tjops)…..

The solution to our problem soon became clear… there was only one way to eliminate all doubt.

We would have to have a CHOP OFF!!!

So this weekend we decided to have a braai chop off 🙂 no holding back –

To start: a tasty katemba to get the juices flowing  – for those of you who don’t know what a katemba is…. Shame on you! It is a delicious blend of red wine and coca-cola! Sooo sooo yummy! Do yourselves a favour and give it a try… you will not be sorry!



The side show: Potato bake, greek salad & coleslaw


Look – pork chop (unanimous)

Taste – Lamb chop (unanimous)

Overall – now this is where we bump heads…. I prefer the Lamb and the lop prefers the Pork!

OK peeps, send me some lovin’…. what do you all prefer on a braai, Lamb or pork chops????



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