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Lunching at Fairview :)

A sunny wine & cheese day out has got to be one of our favourite ways to spend a Sunday 🙂 so this Sunday we decided to lunch at Fairview  We arrived just before 1 o’clock and were lucky enough to get a table outside (we didn’t book which is a bit silly of us… I recommend you book because they are super busy over the weekends).

First things first… a chilled bottle of Fairview chenin blanc wine for a low, low price of R47 (there are some cheaper bottles, I think they started from R42 a pop which is pretty impressive as far as restaurants go.

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Chilled Chenin Blanc for me and a Jack Black Beer for the Lop 🙂 

We were pretty hungry so we didn’t waste too much time ordering… we went for the cheese board (10 varieties of cheese) with bread (R75) and a bowl of olives (R18).

You get to create your own cheese platter by choosing off the below cheese menu (which includes descriptions of each cheese at the back)

Our Cheese Choices 🙂

We went for:

  • Camembert – Mild and creamy – always a winner
  • Brie – Mild and creamy – always a winner
  • Bleu en Blanc – A fusion of two classic cheese making styles. Has the outer shell of Camembert infused with marbled blue mould veins, providing a subtle blue flavour from within – very tasty
  • Paarl Granite – It looks like granite, very mild taste – not my favourite
  • La Beryl – South Africa’s first washed rind cheese – literally tastes like SMELLY FEET!!!
  • Blow Tower – A full fat blue veined Gorgonzola style cheese with a mild flavour and rich creamy texture – YUM
  • White rock with cranberries – White veined blue cheese with added cranberries and natural fruit essences – HERO of the day, mmmm!
  • Cream cheese with sweet chilli – cream cheese rolled in a Sweet Chilli – Yum
  • Chevin with Garlic and Herb – A soft goats milk cheese with a mild goat flavour, rolled in garlic and herbs – TRIPLE YUM!
  • Crottin  – white mould cheese – tasty

Cheese Glorious Cheese

Selection of fresh bread

Olive you ❤ 

Doesn’t it all look scrumptious? I am starting to salivate remembering each mouthful of cheesy goodness 🙂

After lunch we strolled around the farm, got some goodies from the farm stall, played with the goats and fed Billy some acorns.

The stunning wine farm

The Store…

The Celebs

Feeding acorns to ol Billy Goat:) 

Wonderful, wonderful lunch – I REALLY recommend you all go (if you have not already). Don’t waste another sunny weekend… GO GO GO!

Open 7 days a week (9am – 5pm) – +27 (0)21 863 3609 



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