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Cape Town delivers another BEAUT ♥


Greenpoint Park opened its doors last year sometime, so this weekend we packed a little picnic and off we went to enjoy the sunny outdoors 🙂

It was a scorcher of a day, clear and sunny skies so the park was buzzing. We saw kid’s birthday parties going on, couples & groups of friends having picnics, cricket and Frisbee games being played and dogs being walked – it was pretty busy but it did not feel cramped at all.

We walked around for a bit until we found a shady spot under a tree where we could chill off and eat our yummy cheese, springbok bread, grapes & salami feast 🙂 we had farrrr too much as usual but as the lop says: “always over cater than under cater” 😉 We spent a good few hours under our little tree, sipping wine, scoffing cheese and people watching (I loooveee a good people watch, don’t you? – I could sit for hours just watching the going-ons of everyone around me). It was great to see so many young family’s out with their kids and dogs 🙂 everyone so relaxed and enjoying this magnificent city that we live in!!



The park is really clean and beautiful 🙂 there are maps all over the place where you can look for the toilet, flower paths, refreshment stands, outdoor gym & play park.

Here are some good to know details about the park:

  • Picnics are permitted
  • Swimming, skateboarding, fires, braais, camping, loud music, flower picking and alcohol are not permitted
  • Dogs are welcome in the park, provided that they are on a lead and owners pick up and dispose of their excrement. Dogs are not allowed in the biodiversity garden
  • Parking is available near the entrances on the corner of Beach/Vlei Roads; on Bill Peters Drive (near the entrance to the Virgin Active gym); and on Bay Road (near the Mouille Point lighthouse). There are also numerous pedestrian links to surrounding areas
  • The park has an outdoor gym and play park

OOPSIE – we didn’t read up about the park before we went so we took some wine with us. There are plenty of security guards walking around but none of them said anything to us… so we got lucky with our wine & cheese picnic…. Can you really have cheese without wine? They go together so well… like… wine and cheese go together!! Anyhooo… we know for next time!


Open every day 7am – 7pm

It’s a lovely day out – You should go 🙂



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