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Spoilt ME :)

My wonderful lop gave me this baby for xmas and I am in LOVE with it!
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If any of you are umming and aahing about whether to get a Kindle or about which Kindle to get, then you can stop right now. Seriously, this is the best little device ever!

The Kindle Fire HD lets me read, listen, play & watch. There are TV shows, movies, books, magazines, audiobooks, games, facebook, internet, camera, music, skype…

I was seriously spoilt because I had 2 books(lop) and a voucher (darling mom & up) already bought, loaded and waiting for me when I opened it up on Christmas morning 🙂

It is linked up to Amazon and I am not kidding when I say there are thousands of free books to download.

I have already read 4 books since Christmas, have another 6 (freebies) waiting for me on my kindle at the moment AND I have a longggg wishlist on Amazon.

I shmaak it, I shmaak it a lot!



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