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The Avenue

A new restaurant has opened up on 2nd Avenue in Harfield Village = THE AVENUE (where the old Fat Cow used to be). We have driven past it a few times (being Harfield locals and all) but we haven’t had a chance to give it a try… until this week 🙂

Cityslicker very kindly offered up a deal which sounded way too good to be true 🙂
99 Buckaroos for us (2) this:
Choose from 250g Rump steak, 250g Sirloin steak, Soya steak with a full portion of crumbed mushrooms, Line fish of the day or Calamari rings. Mains are served with roasted vegetables and a choice of homemade chips, rice or mash.

We started by ordering one of my favs – chilli poppers 🙂 R40.00 and you get 4 pretty decent sized poppers, so one portion between the 2 of us was more than enough to wet our appetite – served with a coriander mayo/yoghurt sauce.

The chilli poppers were AV… they had a strange taste at first, I couldn’t put my finger on it until Lop said he thought it was blue cheese… I’m not sure that it was blue cheese but I definitely reckon it was some variety of strong cheese.. not the best poppers I’ve had BUT I give a 10/10 for the size of those bad boys.


Our waiter (Dan) was very efficient, he filled our drinks right on time, each time and told us all about the specials and which cut of meat was recommended for the day.
It was sirloin and so sirloin it was.

Mine medium and Lops Rare – both with veg and chips 🙂 YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!! The steaks were great, juicy and tasty and HUGE!


I actually have no idea why we did what we did next because we were both so full, but when Dan the man told us about The Avenues speciality – a Lindt chocolate brownie!!! We could not resist – 1 to share please 🙂


It was a good night out. Great service. Yum food overall and very relaxed.

OH, I almost forgot… they have a early dinner menu (orders in by 18:45pm)… R59 for Steak, Chicken, Springrolls, Calamari, Beef Schnitzel and a few more…Check them out here:

The Avenue Restaurant & Grill
45 Second Avenue
Harfield Village
Tel.:021 671 0623



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