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Pink & Gold Glitter ♥

It’s time for another one of my MOH ramblings 🙂

I have just had a quick sqiuzz at colour schemes and have fallen in love with Pink, Gold & Glitter! EVERYTHING is soooo PRETTY and girly & playful and elegant. I have hundreds of ideas flying around at the moment… here are a few 🙂


  • How festive are these shiny pink&gold ribbons? Very cool “photobooth” wall 🙂
  • Place setting Choccies = Adorable
  • GIANT BALLOONS…. LOVE, love love love

THE DRINKScollage1

  • Giant sparkly stirrers – WANT
  • Don’t you want to celebrate something just looking at these glittered up champer bottles?
  • Pretty doily pink drinks

THE FOODcollage2

  • Too pretty and sparkly to eat 🙂
  • Mini cones and macaroons
  • More yummy cupcakes… it may be time to start cupcake practicing


  • Flirty & sparkly 
  • Pretty in pink
  • Playful & blushing

And that’s just a taste of what can be done 🙂 It’s still early days so any tips or ideas would be very welcome and appreciated…

Do you love it as much as me??



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