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Gourmet Boerie ala’Lop

HAPPY FRIDAY awesome peeps 🙂
Its been another cracker of a week but I am super keen for the weekend to begin 🙂 We have some exciting plans this weekend…date night, braai with friends and hopefully a sunny sunday exploring our amazing city!!

Last night we had boerie rolls – GLAMMED UP Boerie rolls!
I wish I could take all the credit for this seriously yummy concept BUT we owe the guys from Gourmet Boerie a big thumbs up because they are the masterminds behind the truly wonderful idea. I mean, who wouldn’t appreciate a boerie roll topped with all their favourite additions??? I haven’t heard of adding anything other than some fried onions & tomato relish or tomato sauce and mustard…. until now 🙂 NOW the options seem endless. Why hasn’t someone thought of this sooner? It’s such an obvious mash up. We add every topping we can think of to a burger, pizza, sarmie, steak, ice-cream… even waffles. Why have we limited the potential of the famous boerie roll for so long???

We decided on 2 options for our Gourmet Boerie ala’lop night 🙂
Just look at these babies…

Fresh Basil, cherry tomatoes & fetaIMG_0398[1]

Pepperdews, cheese, guacamole & fried onions

Tasty, scrumptious, divine!
We need more out-the-box thinking people in our lives.

Check out the real Gourmet Boerie here:



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