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What to get your man for Valentine’s Day

Us girls are so easy/predictable – give us a bunch of Flowers, box of choccies, pamper/smelly/beauty anything and we are smiling all day 🙂 🙂 🙂

I reckon guys are way more difficult to buy for… I mean if we got our men the equivalent of the above gifts that we love then it would look something like this right?

GIRL: Flowers
GUY: Hose pipe?

GIRL: Chocolates
GUY: ooooh Biltong (yip, that’ll do)

GIRL: Pamper
GUY: ??? tools???

GIRL: Smellies
GUY: ok also Smellies, all guys love a good Cologne

GIRL: Beauty
GUY: um… I give up!

Not AS bad as I thought but still, a few more ideas would help 🙂

What do you think of these… pretty cool huh?
Top Row – Lego usb port, Biltong Maker, Braai meat brander
Bottom Row – titanium waller, multi-use ring, Beer kit

Happy Shopping 🙂



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