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Valentines Dinner ♥

As much as we enjoy going out for romantic dinners where we don’t have to slave away over a hot stove or clean up all the mess and wash all the dishes… Nothing beats spending a night in our home 🙂 Home is where the heart is ♥ and it means we can drink champers without having to worry about driving or catching taxis 🙂 Its a win win! oh, AND one more thing… I am happy to slave away over a hot stove and wash the dishes for my wonderful valentine anyday!

SO I surprised my lop with a delish home cooked valentines dinner 🙂 Candles, champers, yummy food and all 🙂

To start I made stuffed mushrooms… Big flat mushrooms topped with cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, red spring onions and feta and drizzled with a balsamic garlic butter – pop into the oven for about 10 minutes (till golden looking). It was the yummiest stuffed mushroom we have ever had 🙂

For mains we had the lops favourite – STEAK, chips and veg (all valentined up) Just look at what I made… Sirloin steaks bought from woolies, which were divine by the way. We made a pact to ONLY buy our steaks from Woolworths or a butcher from now on. You just can’t mess around with a good piece of steak. Its either the best or you may as well chuck it out. Well that’s our thinking anyway 😉 Our 2 veggies were spinach and butternut – the best steak accompaniments right? and our chips were ♥shaped – all hand cut and prepared by little ol’ moi 🙂

Seriously though, can we just take a moment and look at these potatoes… Lop actually asked me where I found a place that sold ♥shaped chips!!!! I would so buy them ready cut next time because they took ageesssss to prepare 🙂 Worth it when I saw his smile of appreciation and awe…. of me haha!

And to end… a small portion of chocolate brownies and ice cream. We were pretty full by puds time so a 2/3 bite sized dessert was perfect.

It was the best valentines – going to be hard to beat next year, I hope lop is taking notes 🙂

I was pretty darn impressed with myself…

What’s that? Wife of the year??? oh you’re too kind 😉



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