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The countdown begins :)

In just 38 DAYS we will be leaving for our road trip adventure holiday and we are too excited!! It’s so soon now, I can almost taste it.

I am a bit of a planner, I like to check things out before we go away so that I don’t miss out on any hidden gems. A good amount of research is done during the last few weeks of waiting 🙂 It gets me super excited and I absolutely love it when I stumble across something I am not expecting.

I had a quick squizz at what Barrydale has to offer… this will be our first stop and we will only be staying for one night.

Barrydale is a beautiful  little town that lies at the foot of the Langeberge in Tradouw Valley.


Here are some of the cool things we can get up to 🙂
Visit the Towns cellars, wine farms, Tradauw pass, Labyrinth walk at the Manger farm,  Ronnies sex shop (pub), Joubert Tradauw wine estate, Magpie gallery & experience the Karoo night sky 🙂

Looks beautiful 🙂



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