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Pure Restaurant @ Hout Bay Manor

Who believes in love at first sight? WE DO!
Last Sunday my bride-to-be friendie and I checked out the Hout Bay Manor and their STUNNING Pure Restaurant ♥

If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit this place yet, you are missing out! You need to make a plan! Let me try and paint you a little picture of our day…

We arrived just before 12 and were greeted by a friendly, professional, young man who opened our car doors and welcomed us to the Manor 🙂 How nice of him, shame I felt for him because it was a SCORCHER of a day!! Anyway, we made our way inside for a nosey stroll around and everything we saw was just beautiful. Their décor and set up throughout the Manor is stunning – each room/area with its own style. Great, bold colours in one area, soothing, bright colours in the next and soft, wispy colours in another… and it all comes together perfectly.

The bar and lounging area is all shades of pinks and reds which gets an A+ in my book. I love anything that is bright and cheerful looking. Hout Bay Manor manages to hit that right on the head as well as adding loads of charm and elegance 🙂 This bar area is awesome. I can totes sit around here for a few hours.

The outside area has 2 tea gardens and a pool side courtyard which has a lovely French feel with different shades of blues and the most awesome table umbrellas ever!! You can sit around the pool or at one of the cute little tables and have a yummy lunch. This is what we did – we grabbed a table in the pool side courtyard area, ordered a bottle of bubbly, sat back and enjoyed the HOT summers day… for as long as we could… it was soooo hot that we eventually moved over to the shady and cooler tea garden which was much, much better 🙂 For lunch, we ordered off the light menu. Their food is delish and such attention to detail goes into everything. We decided on a burger (for me) and Fish (for D) which were both yum… our chips (fries) came perfectly cut and stacked up high and our salad came with rolled up pieces of cucumber, feta and avo. Each and every mouthful was mmmm….. I do regret not going for a salad though because the weather was definitely not hot burger kinda weather but I am a sucker for a good burger AND I was feeling a little fragile from the day before (cricket day – I will be posting about that soon ;))!! Next time, I will be ordering a salad because they sounded divine!

Ok, ok, I know you are waiting for me to get to the PURE part of things… I honestly don’t think I need to do much more than show you the pictures of this breathtakingly gorgeous venue – look at the chandeliers, look at the colours, look at the ceiling, look at the décor, look at it ALL! It is like walking into a little fairy-tale. The big plus to using this as a venue is the fact that you would not need to do a single thing décor-wise because everything is already done for you. And it is all so perfect that you wouldn’t want for anything more.

Before we knew it 5 hours had gone by and we didn’t get a chance to pop into the rooms or the Spa… oh well, I guess we will have to force ourselves to go back again soon 🙂


Tel number: + 27 21 790 0116

Dinner (Tuesday – Saturday): 18h30 to 22h30
Sunday Lunch: 12h00 to 15h00

Keep your eyes peeled for our follow up visit – we will be back for a spa experience 🙂 Can’t wait!!!


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