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Why do Jumping Jacks…

So our new gym program included 2 sets of 45 seconds sessions of jumping jacks one morning and boy did we laugh… when last did you do a jumping jack? I hadn’t jumping jacked in years… and neither had lop (which turned out to be very, very entertaining for me). We found an open area at the gym, set the stop watch, got into starting position and off we went… haha Lop went straight from standing with his legs closed to a full on mid-air split and then hovered there for a bit until he landed on his one leg with one arm behind his head. I was absolutely FINISHED… I ended up laughing uncontrollably while he just grinned from ear to ear and carried on with his crazy jumping jacks 🙂


It was fun and I am looking forward to the next time for sure!!!

Here are some reasons to give Jumping jacks a go…
1. They are fun
2. It is funny to watch your partner doing them 😉
3. They stretch and use most of the muscles in your body
4. You can jump anywhere
5. Jumping Jacks are serious cardiovascular endurance exercise

So there you have it… join in the jumping jack craze ♥



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