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Sunday Drives & Chapmans Peak ♥

It was another scorcher of a day in our B-E-A-UTIFUL city last Sunday so we hopped in the car and hit the road… Chappies – she was calling our name 😉 We decided to drive all the way down main road, through Muizenberg, Kalk bay, Fish Hoek, over Chapmans Peak and into Hout Bay… How stunning are these views?


It really is such a buzzing vibe. Everyone and their uncle was out for the day, soaking up the rays, sipping on some cocktails and just enjoying our Cape Town summer! You are spoilt for choice all along this route… you can stroll along the colourful beach in Muizenberg, stop off for a boozy lunch at Brass Bell in Kalk Bay or drive all the way through, over Chapmans Peak and into Hout Bay to enjoy the Market.

We went with the 3rd option and it was FAB! We only left home at about 12 and ended up getting stuck in some serious traffic (roadworks) BUT it was ok because it meant we got to take our time getting lost in the spectacular views all the way through to Fish Hoek. From there it was an easy drive up towards Hout Bay – over Chappies – which was a highlight of course. For a small fee of R33, we got to drive on one of the most scenic mountain passes in the world 🙂 The views from up there are absolutely breathtaking! We ended up in Hout Bay and headed straight for the Hout Bay Market (which I will post about soon :))

♥ AMAZING drive, ♥ AMAZING views, ♥ AMAZING day!!



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