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Twelve Apostles

We decided to make a sneaky little stop over at The Twelve Apostles Hotel a few weekends ago and we thoroughly enjoyed it 🙂 We were making our way back home from a long drive around Cape Town and were keen for an afternoon drink with a view. It is quite difficult to beat the views from the outside balcony area in The Leopard Bar at The Twelve Apostles… I was keen for a cocktail BUT they were super pricey (5*hotel prices 😦 ) and because we had been out allllll day, we decided on an el’ cheapo beer instead 😉 – I am not against splashing out the dosh, and I am 100% sure that they would have been out of this world but we had dinner plans so whatevs’ – a beer it was 🙂 Our beers were lovely, perfect thirst quencher for us to unwind with!! AND get this, they give you little bowls of nuts, olives and popcorn kernels when you join them for a drinkiepoo… on the house nogal’. 
Look at that view… look at those yummy snacks… AND LOOK at that bathroom… wall to wall, ceiling to ceiling mirrors as far as the eye can see 🙂

Totes amazeballs little visit 🙂
We will be back for sundowner cocktails – purses full and A-game ready 🙂
Check them out here:



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