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Dam fine cafe :)

The Dam Fine Café is in Boshimela (just a few km outside of Rawsonville and known as the green place with tall trees). I didn’t know this when we were there but The Dam Fine Café was actually built in an old dam that dates back to the early 1900’s.

The restaurant is pretty big…
The inside section is packed with tables as well as a big screen TV for all the sports fans. There was a rugby game on during the time we were there and quite a few of the locals came down for the game.
and…The Outside area is lovely and spacious where you can choose to sit at either the long tables and benches or at the outside bar.

We grabbed a table outside under the oak trees, which forms a “green roof” and gives you such a relaxing and shady experience.  It was a hot summers day and we had been out wine tasting all day so the shady area was amazing!!! And then we ordered a pizza bread to snack on – we were ravenous and the pizza was really yummy and hit just the right spot 🙂

It’s actually funny… we asked 2 of the wine farms that we had been to during the day if they could recommend a good place for us to have a late lunch / early dinner – both gave us directions to the same area – one of them knew the name and gave perfect directions to the Dam Fine Cafe. The other couldn’t think of the name so she explained what the place looked like (and gave us directions… which ended up being pretty bad) and because I like to see as many places as possible when away, I insisted that we go look for the other one (after we had had a few drinks and finished out pizza bread). So off we went and we followed the directions we were given… which led us straight back to the Dam Fine Cafe… haha. So both recommendations were for the same place – just explained very, very differently 🙂 that really does prove how different we all are hey?

Anyway by the time we had made it back at the Dam Fine Cafe (the waiters must have thought we were cooked :)) we were ready to EAT and drink and be merry again! They have quite a big menu to choose from… pizzas, burgers, sarmies, etc etc… all sounded great but we saw a rib and chicken combo – which is also known as a WESTERN PLATTER in our little world (we used to have these all the time when we lived in London – us and our 2 crazy aussie friends used to knock back double vodka redbulls and western platters on our days off 🙂 They were our thing!!! anyhoo, back to our Dam Fine day – we decided to order a western platter to share and it was finger licking good. The ribs fell of the bone and were super duper tasty. It was really good – only things missing were the double vodka redbulls, oh, and our 2 aussie friends! One day, we will reunite and we will make up for lost time… maybe we will take them to The Dam Fine Cafe!

I almost forgot to tell you about the cute little animals – they have little chicks walking around all over the place and a few parrots just doing their thang at the entrance (next to the bar) – we actually had a bit of a whistle-off with one of the parrots. It was quite special – he copied all the whistles we did 🙂


Go visit them next time you happen to be in the Rawsonville area 🙂

Tuesday – Thursday & Sunday: 08h30 – 17h00
Friday: 09h30 -Late
Saturday: 08h30 -Late



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  1. If it was in Boshimela we could have gone to Snake Corner

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