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Wine tasting @ Deetlefs


Deetlefs Winery is lovely. It is actually the 3rd oldest wine farm in South Africa and you can definitely feel that old world charm when you walk in 🙂 We arrived for some wine tasting JUST before closing time but Sandra (Deetlefs tasting guide) didn’t mind at all. She was super accommodating and took pride in giving us a little tour of the estate. First stop was the laboratory (yes…they have their own lab – test tubes, machines…the works). It was pretty impressive. I never thought of wine being in a lab before… Learn something new every day hey 🙂 Next stop we were taken upstairs where we could view the bottling and bulk wines room. There is a little ledge that is just above the room where you can step out onto and you can look down at the big wine tanks. We were also shown a frame with a MASSIVE snake skin in it… apparently that’s all that they found in the bulk wine room… eeeek!! Where’s the actual snake now?? That gave me the serious HIBBY JIBBYS – it was definitely time to head straight down the stairs to the wine tasting bar 🙂



Time for the fun part… the wine tasting!!!
We started off with their Stonecross wines, which is their young and fun range (serious about freshness and fruit) including Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon, Chenin Blanc Chardonnay, Pinotage Rose, Shiraz, Merlot/Pinotage & Pinotage. I tried the Sauv Blanc & Rose, both were crisp and easy drinking. Next to taste was their Deetlefs wines, these require more wine making techniques and are a little more complex (mouth feel and elegance) and include Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Semillon, Weisser Riesling, Merlot, Pinotage, Oak Matured Pinotage, Shiraz,  Cabernet Sauvignon & Soet Hannepoot. I loved the chenin blanc and Lop tasted a few of the red wines, the old matured pinotage being his favourite.

They have one last range, Deetlefs Familie, these are their classic styled wines – a must for all the wine connoisseurs out there. Unfortunately there wasn’t any available for us to taste 😦 boo…!!!

We learnt a lot, we drank a lot, we loved Deetlefs a lot 🙂


Physical Address: Porter Street, Rawsonville, South Africa
Telephone no.: +27 (0) 23 349 1260

Tasting facility:
– Monday to Friday 08:00am to 17:00pm
– Saturdays and Public Holidays 10:00am to 16:00pm
– Closed: Easter, Christmas and Day of Goodwill



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