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Fine Brandy Fusion :)

The Fine Brandy Fusion hit Cape Town for the very first time last week and was an absolute smasher of a festival 🙂

We went for the opening night (Thursday) and there was so much to see and do.

There was a little something for everyone to experience… whether it was to join in on one of the Brandy master classes or to watch one of the barrel making demonstrations or even just stroll around smelling, tasting and enjoying all the different brandies.

Proverb was MC for the night and entertainment included burlesque dancers and funnyman magician GINJA NINJA.

We decided to use our vouchers on the urban cocktail route 🙂 Who knew brandy cocktails  looked and tasted soooo good? collage1
We kept on ordering the same colour drinks… strange. Pink ones for me and beer coloured ones for Lop 😉 One of the favourites of the night was from the Sky’s no limit party bar where Eagle air brandy was mixing up their yummy cocktails…I don’t know exactly what was in it but there were brandy and apple flavours of goodness.

Collisons White Gold Brandy and Cosmopolitan were also there and they were giving 20 minute canape and cocktail lessons with the winner of the Collison’s Cosmo Cocktail competition (Johnny) showing us how to make his signature apple crumble cocktail and chef showing us how to pair brandy cocktails, brandies and canapes together 🙂 It was a really great experience.
collage2Massive thanks to Anita and the team at Errieda Du Toit PR for inviting us. We had such a fab time with the brandy and the cocktails and the snacks 🙂 Can’t wait for next year!



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