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My week in pictures ♥ (week 20)

Winter is almost here…the nights are getting colder and that means its time to start making big pots of delicious soup to keep us warm 🙂 We made our first batch in the slowcooker this week 🙂

Biharis in Newlands is a really great spot for after work drinks 🙂 I often pop in with the dork friend because its a hop,skip and a jump from her office… a few glassies of wine and a quick munch on chicken samosas and all is right in the world again 🙂

Snowed under at work at the moment. Do you ever feel like you are sitting under piles and piles of work that never seems to go away? Well that’s how its been in my office the last week.

We headed for the City Bowl Market for the first time this weekend. Its small and sweet and has everything you need for a Sat morning market visit 🙂

In love with these ice lollies – IN LOVE! watch out for my upcoming post about everything Las Paletas…

I am a spoilt girl… seriously though – fav bought me a big bottle of CK IN2U…just because… and its gorgeous. 

A new show which has us hooked 🙂 I love a show that tickles both our fancies… time on the couch with the lop = happiness



1 Comment on My week in pictures ♥ (week 20)

  1. This girl deserves to be spoilt with a bottle of perfume 🙂 xx

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