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HQ Restaurant :)

It was the lops birthday earlier this week and because he is a steak fanatic, I thought where better to take him… than to HQ Restaurant  –  where the only thing served is sirloin steak, chips and salad and the only thing the waiter would ask us is, “how would you like your steak done?”

The restaurant is lovely and cozy, the tables beautifully set, the atmosphere vibey and the experience unique. We got there early because we’re cool like that (and we’re eager beavers), so for a little while we were the only peeps in the restaurant (although the bar area was already buzzing with a private function) but before long the restaurant was pumping with everyone enjoying the evening.

The menu is stamped onto a brown paper overlay of your table, which goes a little something like this:
Welcome to HQ, where you can have anything you like, as long as its salad, sirloin and chips (R169). Prime cut, free range beef served with our unique HQ cafe de Paris butter, an experience of steak perfection.

We started with a few drinks to unwind from the day, followed by a very tasty salad of crispy lettuce, Parmesan shavings, Pine Nuts and Mustard Vinaigrette dressing… and then it was time to answer the very important “how would you like your steak done?” question (Bleu for Lop and Medium for me) … our waiter scribbled a big M and B on the brown paper in front of us. I love these little quirky additions. It makes the experience that much more worthwhile. The steak was great, the chips were skinny and crunchy and the sauce was yummo – all in all a very good combination 🙂 oh, and get this… half way through our meal, they came and asked us if we would like some more chips or sauce…!!! As I said, quirky additions, they make such a difference.

Give it a go (if you haven’t already). You won’t be disappointed.

HQ Restaurant is situated here:
Heritage Square
100 Shortmarket Street
Cape Town CBD

And you can book a table here:
Tel: 021 424 6373



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