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My week in pictures ♥ (week 22)

We love popcorn so when we saw this Verimark Popcorn maker in the shops, we had to buy it. I will let you know how it works soon soon.

Took the lop for steak and chips for his bday dinner… check it out here 🙂

Lucky boy got an awesome biltong maker for his bday… basically the best present you could ever buy for him. He has already made and devoured one batch (before I could take pics and report on it… he is quick 🙂 

Birthdays have turned into birthday weeks… soon a birthday month is going to be expected. He was spoilt and loved and pampered all week 🙂

So the months are just flying by and the May Photo Challenge is already done and dusted… time for a new month – check it out and join in on the fun here.

The mishmosh friend got engaged this weekend 🙂 YipeeeeYAY! Very happy, excited, sparkly girl!

How was the weather in Cape Town this weekend… yoh! It rained, it poured, it hailed. Insane.
Something weird actually happened. The cover of our weber (which was on) blew off sometime on Saturday, like really blew off, when we left the house on Saturday afternoon, it was on the weber and when we came home late that night, it was gone (as in nowhere to be seen… nowhere in the garden/house/roof) and then late afternoon on Sunday, we were lazing around when we the cover came flying back into the garden and landed on the floor, right next to the weber. How freaky is that?



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