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My week in pictures ♥ (week 24)

Remember I told you about our garden flooding…well since then, we have decided to get rid of all the stones and make pretty. There are so many things we can do, All of which need green fingers, time and money sooooo we are visiting nursery’s on the weekends to try and come up with the best, prettiest, low maintenance garden. So far, we like the log things in that pic above 😉

Bread, Sweet Chilli, Very Peri, Ham, Cheese, Black Pepper in the oven…melt,melt,melt and voila delishness!

Happy cats = happy home 🙂 Look how much they schmaak each other.

Just making my way through a 8 pack of yummy choccies… I’m sharing with Lop – I’m not a total piggy!

I have jumped on a late band wagon here… the 9th season – NINTH SEASON – is on TV now and I love it…. Where have I been for the last 8 seasons? Not to worry – it just means I have a reason to rent 8 seasons of this show to play catch up 😉

This beautiful beddypoo friend got married 🙂 I did not make the wedding because they decided to get married in London instead of sunny ol’ CT…BUT we get to play at the end of the year whooohoooo and I wont have to share her with all the other wedding guests haha.

The stepmother surprised the dad and kids with a weekend to CT…. which meant we got to spend fathers day together 🙂 It was lovely and the Waterfront shined bright with sunny, happy vibes.



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