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Beefcakes – Bingo Night

Beefcakes in Cape Town is such a jol!
We took the cousin there for dinner on Tuesday night and had such a cool time!

We wanted to take her to a vibey, unique, proudly Capetonian-never-to-be-forgotten spot that she could rave about when she went back to Australia and a night at Beefcakes ticks all the requirements 🙂

Tuesday is Bingo Night at Beefcakes where Bingo mistress Molly (fresh off the boat from Jozi) has you in stiches for about an hour or so of the evening… she sings, she dances, she jokes, she dazzles, she charms, she sparkles… oh, and she hosts BINGO.

I have never played Bingo before (the lop and cousin have… I don’t know where, how, why, when… but I do know that the bingo they have played before was nowhere near as cool as this Bingo).

R40 per person gets you 4 rounds of Bingo, presented by Miss Molly and assisted by a topless beefcake 🙂 The winner of each round gets a little prize and the whole little affair is great fun.

Now on to the yummy news… They serve up some seriously delish grub! With starters like Nachos, Chilli Poppers and Onion Rings, Mains of salads & Burgers (chicken or beef with topping overloads) that are big, juicy and super tasty.

Macho Nachos – tortilla chips, smothered in melted cheddar, guacamole, salsa and sour cream. Great to share for a threesome or an awesome foursome @ R75
F.A.B – Fresh Avo, Feta, Bacon topped with chive and pepperdew relish drizzled with warm mustard sauce @ R90
Chili Vodka – Classic Beefcakes Burger, marinated in Chili-pepper-vodka longer than most gay relationships – then flame grilled to perfection, served with spicy jalapeno peppers and melted cheese with a cheeky vodka salsa @ R90
Babycakes – three baby beef burgers on baby buns with three different toppings @ R75

Who said Tuesday night had to be boring? Head on down to Beefcakes for a fun filled night… girls you’ll be leaving with a big smiles on their dials after being served by half naked beefcakes all night 🙂

Find them on 40 Somerset Road – be sure to book your table on 021 425 9019 or  (it was a chocabloc this week and it’s only going to get more and more popular).



1 Comment on Beefcakes – Bingo Night

  1. I went to Beefcakes a few weeks ago with the GF’s and it was amazeballs. The barmen were the hottest and they ARE NOT GAY which was great for my friend Melissa who recently got divorced.

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