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McDonalds – Tastes of the World – Part 2


McDonald’s has launched a new TASTES OF THE WORLD experience with 3 mystery burgers to unwrap between 3rd June and 25 August 2013 🙂

The second burger has been revealed and it is a big beef burger served with a hash brown, covered in BBQ sauce and a dash of jalapeno. Topped with grilled onion, crispy lettuce, fresh tomato and cheese all the way from TEXAS.collageIt’s a yummy, juicy, full of flavour guy. I hope this one stays on the menu for a while because it is YUM! Delicious bbq sauce and a crispy hashbrown leaves you wanting more.

Get yours for only R37 (just the burger) or R49 (burger, chips and coke)

Each burger will be available for a limited period of 4 weeks at a time.

Take your taste buds on a trip around the world.
Check out Part 1 (Mexican Burger) over here.



1 Comment on McDonalds – Tastes of the World – Part 2

  1. Dummies! Nothing special about these burgers. Same ingredients they have on other items just changed around. Just ask them to substitute the Braai sauce on the McFeast Deluxe for the McNugget Jalapeno sauce. Viola! You now have a Mexican for R2 less than they charged you when they had it! LOL!

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