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Laborie Wine Farm ♥ Drink ♥

My third post of this segment is all about Laborie Wine Estates beautiful wine. We were fortunate enough to spend a night at Laborie a few weekends back and we experienced as much as we could cram into a day, night and morning as we could. They have so much to offer whether it is a delicious lunch or dinner, a night in one of their stunning rooms or a bit of wine tasting in their cellar.
The wine tasting at Laborie can be enjoyed in 2 areas – one is the gorgeous green rolling hills outside section that is set up with tables and umbrellas / picnic area for the hot summery days and the second is the cellar tasting room which is warm and toasty with breathtaking views of the vineyards and mountains. Not 1 BUT 2 beautiful settings in one place – I mean!

We headed for the wine cellar straight after our lunch at the estates Harvest restaurant and even though we knew we were going to be having a wine and chocolate tasting, neither of us knew just how good a wine and chocolate tasting could actually be. Ok, I know your’e thinking… wine, chocolate – of course it will be that good! Your’e right BUT you haven’t tasted wine and chocolate until you have tasted Labories Wine and Chocolate – seriously! It is to die for.
I went for the “ladies” wine and chocolate tasting which included a sparkling pink with a rose flavoured choc, a chardonnay with a white lemon choc and a sweet wine with white choc (I forgot the flavour because I was just in absolute heaven by the time I got through the first 2) – sorry… I’ll update once I have the deets 🙂IMG_2421
Lop went for the “manlier” wine and chocolate tasting which included richer red wines and brandy and chocs like cape malay, dark orange and a cherry ones.

I would quite like to be the person in charge of matching all these wines and chocolates together… It is amazing how they compliment each other so well. We were super impressed 🙂

And there’s more… Not only do they have the wine and chocolate tastings but they also have a wine and olive tasting which we decided then and there that we were going to return for the next day.
The wine and olive tasting was fantastic. Again, so well matched and complimentary to each wine 🙂 IMG_2509
This picture is from the cellars balcony – look at that view. I could so do this every day for the rest of my life!collage2
Some pics of the me at the bar, Lop posing with his brandy and chocolate and the CELLAR – Labories very own kitty 🙂 collage
Here’s a little collection of all the wines the estate makes.

Thanks Laborie – It was an absolute pleasure. Can’t wait for our next visit. I’m already dreaming of another summers day of wine, picnic and friends!

Olive & wine tasting @ R22
Devine choc & wine @ R35
Choc & wine obsession @ R35
Choc & brandy tasting @ R15

Check out our Laborie – Sleep over here and our Laborie – Eat over here.


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