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Thai Cafe – Claremont

I enjoy a good thai stirfry / curry from time to time and although we haven’t given into the cravings as much as we should have and have limited our thai food consumption to a sit down meal at Thai World in Harfield Village or a plane ride over to Thailand…. the phad thai and green curry love is most definitely there… just not experienced nearly enough.

…Until now.
We were introduced to the amazing Thai Cafe by a fellow thai food lover (Lops Denny 😉 ) – He came to visit us one night, armed with wine, thai takeaways and laughs and that was that. Best thai takeaway I have had. The dishes are full of flavour and packed with fresh, colourful goodness. You can choose your hotness level of a mild, medium, hot or thai style (we go for medium and it is just the right amount of heat to keep you wanting more and more). The prices are good and the portions are a decent size.

This is what we ordered on Monday night:
Phad Thai – thin thai rice noodles stir fried with vegetables, peanuts, garlic and lime juice (with pork) @R59
Khao Pad – classic thai fried rice stir fried with vegetables, fresh tomato and pineapple (with beef) @ R49

The Phad Thai is a winner.

If you haven’t already experienced the yumminess of Thai Cafe, then you definitely should. Oh, and they have a really pretty restaurant too there’s another reason to go 😉

Find them here:
Thai Cafe
22 Palmyra Junction, Palmyra Road, Claremont
Tel: 021 683 7000


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