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Hidden Valley Gourmet Braai and Wine Festival :)

We were invited to enjoy an afternoon at the Gourmet Braai and Wine Festival last weekend and WOW – big, fat, delicious WOW… and that’s just the beginning of what I have to say…

We arrived at the Hidden Valley Wine Estate shortly after 12 and quickly made our way up to the Overture Restaurant. As soon as we walked through the doors, we knew we were in for a fantastic afternoon. The place was buzzing with activity (young and old) – wine and olive tastings were in full swing, balloon and unicycle rides were keeping the kiddies entertained  and the  gorgeous foodie smells filling the warm and cozy restaurant were drool worthy.

We were offered a choice of either Sauvignon Blanc or Pinotage and were escorted to our table where we met a few lovely fellow foodies and spent a wonderfully long afternoon enjoying good food, good wine and good company 🙂
A quick browse through the menu confirmed that there were a whopping 13 dishes coming our way and we couldn’t be more excited. After some chats and a little walk around, we were presented with our starters.
STARTERS – Clockwise from top right –
Apricot and Almond Butter
Grilled Squid with a Salsa Verde, Chilli, Capers and Fennel
Smoked Hidden Valley Olives & Hidden Valley Olives Tapenade
Coriander Emulsion and a Gem Salad
Hidden Valley wine for the day
Pickled Fish & Roosterkoek

The apricot & almond butter was creamy and sweet, the olive tapenade was full and rich and both complimented the crispy roosterkoek perfectly. The salad was simple yet full of flavour. The 2 fish dishes looked great – I am not a fan of seafood BUT I had a little taste of both and they were both tasty – the rest of the table raved about both the pickled fish and the squid so there you have it.
MAINS – Clockwise from top right –
Lamb Wors with a Tomato and Crisp Waterblommetjie
Smokey Chicken Wings
Bourbon Basted Smoked Pork Loin with Flour Tortillas, Sweet Corn and Avocado

The lamb wors was out of this world good…. Mouthfuls of delicious, juicy flavours. I am not sure I have tasted such tasty wors before. It was topped with crispy waterblommetjies (which I have never tried before and have just researched… they are little water flowers that taste a bit like green beans and pumpkin), the chicken wings were really good, they were sticky and smokey and came with a strong cheese dipping sauce and last but not least the smoked pork loin… every single bite worked. I loved the different take on this dish. It’s the first I have had a combination of pork, sweet corn, avocado & crispy crackling and it was a winner for me. I will definitely be trying this one at home one day soon. I have only just realised that the tortillas were supposed to go with the pork.
SIDES – Clockwise from top right –
Slaw with Dill and Mustard Cream
Maple Roast Sweet Potato with Pecan Nuts
Flour tortillas for pork dish
Ash Roast Beetroot with Pumpkin and Labneh

The sides were great, the slaw was creamy and crunchy. The sweet roast potato was sticky and sweet. The beetroot dish was tasty with all the elements coming together beautifully.
DESSERT – Tannie Hettas Apple Pie with Custard Cinnamon Ice Cream

Mom is probably super, super jealous right now. Apple pie is her favourite and this one was a goodie. I don’t know who Tannie Hetta is (I should have asked) but she did the right thing by sharing this recipe with the talented chefs at Overture. It was absolutely amazing. Each table was served a whole cake each (seriously) so quite a lot of quarter/half eaten cakes ended up going back to the kitchen and I hope into some hungry farmers bellies 🙂 I would have taken the whole lot home if I carried a Tupperware in my bag 😉

CHEESE – Smoked Camembert with Walnut and Ginger – no pics (sorry) but I promise it looked and tasted just as good as all the other dishes. The cheese was smoky, warm and soft served with crispy thin toast and a sweet glaze drizzled over.

Four courses of complete and utter heaven in my belly. Full marks to Chef Basson and his talented team and all the friendly and helpful staff at the beautiful Overture.

I am so glad that we got to join in on this day, thank you so much Hidden Valley, Overture & Elizmari for the spoils. We can’t wait to come back for the next one…. Watch this space for news on the next event guys, it is so worth it (R350 per person for all of the above… its madness)

P.S. It was a chilly day in the Cape last Saturday and I am pleased to say that I did not feel the cold at all inside the restaurant… good to know, especially during the winter months – come rain or shine – Overture will deliver 😉


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  1. Looks DELICIOUS!

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