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Indulge Boutique Restaurant in Sea Point :)

Fine dining has not been a regular feature on our dining table/menu in the past but our night out at Indulge has changed all of that for sure.
We were blown away by the quality of food at super affordable prices. Situated on Sea Point Main Road, it’s hard to miss the buzz that was felt all through our vibey fine dining experience.

Indulge is a new addition to the Sea Point restaurant strip, this little boutique restaurant has everything you need for an enjoyable evening out.
Only the freshest ingredients are used in each dish and the menu is changed to suit the seasons of the year… the menu options are kept to a minimum yet each dish sounds just as delicious as the last.

With its open plan kitchen and dining area you are able to sit back and sip on Cocktails, wine and any other beverage you may fancy from the fully stocked bar whilst watching Chef Derek Moore and his team prepare meals for you to indulge in.

Now… on to the good part… the food!
The first thing we noticed was how beautiful the presentation was. Such attention to detail and care was put into each dish. The prawns were gone in 123, I’m surprised we got a quick (blurry) picture of them before Lop wolfed them down. The braised beef was tender and juicy and the veg and sauce that accompanied it was really good. All the flavours came together beautifully.
Left – Steamed Prawns with Apple and Avocado, dressed with a Lemon Aioli (R35)
Right – Braised Beef Chico rolls with Crispy Fresh Vegetables (R30)

Hands down the best steak we have ever had the pleasure of eating in a very long time (if not ever). The steak was cooked to perfection, the vegetables were crunchy and fresh, the baby potatoes were crispy on the outside, soft in the inside and seasoned just right. The sauce… oh the sauce… was pure heaven. It was rich and full of flavour and lasted the entire steak. There is nothing worse than getting half way through your meal and not having any more sauce left, Right?
Rib Eye Steak with sauté Potatoes with a Horseradish cream and Onion Marmalade and served with vegetables (R65)

We were so full by the time dessert time came that we almost decided against it but then we thought of you – we couldn’t dare leave you hanging and wondering… So we made an executive decision to share 1 dessert and then we made an even bigger executive decision and decided to share 2 desserts (goodbye thin hopes and dreams) It was all for you guys, promise!collage3
Left – Self-saucing Chocolate Pudding with Candied Citrus Peel and Chantilly cream (R30)
Right – Three Milk Cake with Star Anise and Cardamom Orange (R20)

See the Spring menu special that has just launched over here.
Book your table via 087 151 4595 or


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