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Squats, Squats, Squats

What do you know about Squats?

I know that they are deceptive little buggers – they look easy and harmless and just when you start thinking you might have them waxed and everyone seems to be making far too big a  fuss about them… BANG – the PAIN kicks in and it kicks in hard! It’s a pain that lingers for the next few days and leaves you walking like a bit of a tool BUT it is such a good pain! It’s a worthy kind of pain. It’s a proud kind of a pain and  if that doesn’t give you a chuffed-with-yourself moment…  then maybe you need to add more squats to your life and I have found just the thing. A 31 DAY SQUAT CHALLENGE 🙂


Here are some reasons to “drop it like it’s squat”…

  • Squats work the entire lower body (calves, glutes, quads and lower back)
  • Squats help prevent injuries caused by imbalance or overuse
  • Squats tone & tighten your booty, abs & legs
  • Squats work out your core which helps maintain balance
  • Squats build muscle which burns calories – win win!

I am excited for this challenge.
Other than becoming a lean, mean squatting machine… I am also looking forward to reaping the above benefits.


5 Comments on Squats, Squats, Squats

  1. And they make my behind look super sexy (that’s when I don’t forget to do them)! Hahah! Good stuff!


  2. Sounds like a great challenge! (esp post holiday season 😉 ) Bookmarked and starting tomorrow!

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