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My week in pictures ♥ (2014 #5)

Mornings are kicking my butt – struggle to wake up and get to it. Coffee has become a best friend!

We had an awesome braai catch up with Slap and Irish. Always happy to have her home and we made sure we crammed as much as we could into the few days we had 🙂 I reckon JUST move back already!

Chicken wings in a little marinade of chilli, lemon, garlic, butter, herbs = YUM! #lchf stuff

Has anyone else been dying with all the traffic lately? It is honestly taking me twice as long as it should to get home everyday and it’s just not funny anymore.

V & A
I popped into the new PicknPay at the waterfront and spotted these bad boys. How divine and perfect. I am more of a selection kinda girl… I like having the option to taste a little bit of everything and not miss out! As for the new store- wow, it is seriously impressive.

So So happy with my 250gram prints. I have yet to find them a spot in our house but I’m hooked. A post will follow shortly.

So, this happened… 5 grown men in 1 tiny little pool 🙂 Bonds were formed!



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