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Amarula – the cream, the gold and the yummy!

Amarula has done it again! In celebrating their 25 years of creamy deliciousness, they have decided to ease into their quarter year birthday in style… and they are doing it with a brand new and exciting addition to their family. Just as smooth and velvety as his sister, Amarula Gold is made from hand-harvested marula fruit, is double distilled and aged in oak for 24 months. Setting them apart, Amarula Gold has no added cream and contains a little more alcohol content than the already famous and loved Amarula Cream.

I was lucky enough to spend an afternoon at Bergkelder in Stellenbosch where the Amarula team treated us to a tour of their distillery, taking us through the entire process of the marula fruit, an interactive tasting session, the reveal of the new Amarula Gold and ending with a little socializing and nibbles while we got to try our hands at mixing our very own “Amarula Gold cocktails”. Amarula Gold is made to be mixed and enjoyed. The refreshing, spicy, caramel flavours compliment a range of mixers. I tried it on ice, with ginger ale and with soda water and my taste buds agreed with all three. I look forward to experimenting with this delicious new drink… hmmm, I wonder if a shot of lime would work with it?

Amarula is a true African original. The marula fruit comes from Phalaborwa where the community is very involved in the beginning stages of Amarula. Once the marula fruit has ripened under the African Sun and has fallen off the trees, the fruit is collected by local women and delivered to the Phalaborwa factory where it is washed, de-pipped & pulped. The pulp is then transported to Bergkelder in Stellenbosch where it is distilled and aged and finally the spirit is moved to the bottling plant where cream & sugar are added (to make Amarula Cream).

Thank you to Amarula and Jani-Mari for the fun day out.



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