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Morituri Italian Restaurant in Claremont


Morituri Italian Restaurant in Claremont has been around for some 16 years and has been waiting very patiently on my to-do-list for a good few years (far too long) –  so when the lop asked me where I wanted to go for my birthday dinner, I pretty much knew the answer straight away. Morituri for pizza and beer please 🙂

The well known Morituri’s always seems to be buzzing when we drive past so we knew we were in for a good evening out. Inside the restaurant is cozy and vibey and very relaxed. Food wise, they are pretty famous for their wood-fired, thin based, gourmet pizzas (ranging from R44 – R92) but also offer a selection of other Italian favourites such as Salads (R40 – R58) , Pastas (R60 – R110) and other mains like Veal (R96), Calamari (R82) and Sirloin steak (R89).

We ordered pizzas (obviously) and they were thin, crispy,  fresh and full of flavor – delicious! The pizza choices are great with exciting topping options which made me very happy and we finally decided on the Gino (Bacon, Gorgonzola, Fig preserve and Brie @ R78) which was packed with rich and juicy flavours and the Elton John Rocketman (Oven-roast Chicken, Green Pepper, Feta, Olives, Rocket and Peri Peri Sauce @ R72) which was really good with a little chilli bite. Perfectly washed down with an ice cold beer 😉

All in all, a good night. Food, vibe & affordability = BIG thumbs up. Service = a small little thumbs down (I hope it was just a once off bad night)

Here’s to ticking off another thing from my to-do-list, yummy pizza & beer date with the lop and turning another year older!

Find them at 214 Main Road, Claremont, Cape Town
Book your table on 021 683 6671


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