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Kirstenbosch Treetop Canopy Walk


Work on the Treetop Canopy Walkway at Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden has been progressing steadily over the past few months and is expected to be complete soon. It had been hoped the walkway would be ready earlier, but unfortunately delays with the initial engineering tests and specifications meant that it is taking longer to complete.

The crescent-shaped walkway is situated in the Arboretum (Enchanted Forest) which is nestled below the Protea Garden, above the Dell and above the Concert Stage Lawn. It joins the forest floor in two places.

The ‘boomslang’, as it is affectionately known, will give visitors the opportunity to experience the forest from high above the ground and see birds and other animals that are otherwise difficult to spot. Curving between the trees and through branches, the 130 m-long galvanised steel structure was constructed to mark Kirstenbosch’s centenary in 2013.

“One can experience tree dynamics – how the treetops move in the wind and how the crowns of the trees interact with one another. The walkway then bursts through and above the canopy, giving you an impression of what it is like to be above the forest. At this point, the walkway provides spectacular 360 degree vistas comprising Cape Town and the surrounding majestic mountain slopes,” says Kirstenbosch botanical horticulturist Adam Harrower.

When the project is complete visitors will be able to enjoy the breathtaking walkway for free after a Garden entrance fee has been paid.



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  1. Kirstenbosch just gets better and better 🙂

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