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Our day at the Elgin Wine Festival

Elgin Wine Valley

The 3rd annual Elgin Cool Wine and Country Festival which took place early in May was a fabulous day out. There were 18 farms to choose from, each with their own spin on what makes for the best wine-time. Each farm had wine tasting on offer for festival goers to enjoy throughout the day – some a little more fancypants than others but all deliciously good. Food wise, there was something for everyone, from formal fine dining and wine and food pairings to relaxed pizzas, cheese platters, burgers and popcorn stands. There were markets at some, live music at others and kid zones at most. A great family day out.

We spent our day visiting Paul Cluver where we chilled out on comfy couches in the warm tasting room sipping on a variety of their wines, Winters Drift which is situated at the old Elgin railway station for wine, bags of dried apples from the valley and live music, Oak Valley for a bit of poolside wine and jazz music entertainment, Belfield where we spent a few hours taking in the views, enjoying their red wine and munching on a delicious spread of gourmet salads followed by pear crumble and ice cream and of course a little lie down on the grass and finally Elgin Vintners for an after lunch vibe of live rocking music, a pop-up-kitchen, kids play area, tractor rides through the vineyards and more wine tasting.

Elgin Wine Festival

All in all, a very good day in the Elgin Valley. Make sure you don’t miss out next year.

Wine, Food, Views and Fun!!!



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