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Jakes on Summerley


One of my MOST favourite things to do is to catch up over drinks and snacks with my girls.

We have quite a few favourite spots in the area but one that we seem to go back to time and again is Jakes on Summerley in Kenilworth and here’s why…

Their bar area is super comfy and cosy with a very relaxing atmosphere.
The wine is served in a carafe and is good value for money (none of these measly little 2 sips and you’re done glasses of wine like so many other places)
Their food is delicious. We shared their Pulled Pork Flatbread (Chilli base with mozzarella, pulled pork and moonblush tomatoes @ R118) recently and – YUM!
The service is always top notch. I have never had to look up and search for my 2nd glass of wine 😉
And last but not least…
They have a shooter that tastes exactly like a drunk little caramello teddy bear.

Jakes on Summerley – Kenilworth
Open Monday – Saturday
Lunch and dinner: 10:30 to 22:30
Bar & Lounge: 12:00 to midnight
Address: 5 Summerley Road, Upper Kenilworth, Cape Town 7700
Telephone number: +27 21 797 0366


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