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Newlands Beer Tour :)

Our friend Paulie turned the big 3-oh earlier this week so a little group of us met up at the Newlands Brewery at 5:30pm to enjoy a night of BEER…beer touring, beer tasting and beer craziness!!

The “Brewmasters Walk” tour is every Wednesday evening at 6pm and is hosted by one of their talented brewers. Our brewmaster DENIS was totes cool… he was hilarious and so knowledgeable… it really makes such a difference when someone has a passion for what they do. He was brilliant, informative and quirky all at the same time 🙂

We “checked in” and were kitted up, each with our own bib, glasses and earphones and we were ready to start! How cool do we look…..?


What we learnt…

Newlands Brewery does not brew with additives. They only brew with water, malt, maize and hops which are then put together with brewer’s yeast. They do not use any foaming agents – the foam (aka “head”) is achieved through the selection of brewing with high quality malts. They own the rights to two fresh water springs (Newlands Spring and Kommetjie Spring) which provides them with fresh and clean water without any chemicals etc. added. We were led through the entire Brewery where we were educated on all things Mashing, Fermenting, Maturing, cleaning, bottling, packaging & transporting.

The Newlands Brewery brews 8 beers (thefamous CASTLE, Castle lite, Black Label, Grolsh, Pilsner, Milk Stout, Hansa and Redds.

What we drank…

After our tour through the brewery we all joined together in the Jacob Letterstedt pub where there were long tables filled with beer tasting stations. We got to taste Castle lite, Pilsner, Milk Stout and Black Label. Our Brewmaster led us through the listening, smelling (drive by) and tasting which was loads of fun. Did you know that Black Label smells like bananas??? I would never have come up with that on my own but the “drive by” confirmed this fact. Amazing!!!!

And then things got rowdy… we ended up hanging around drinking beer, playing pool and eating popcorn until after 11 that night. The bar was very accommodating and chilled. The brewery definitely encourages you to enjoy their impressive grounds, beers, bar and lovin’.

I really recommend you book… go and enjoy! It’s a fantastic night out. A BIG thank you to our wonderful friends ♥

021 658 7440
3 Main road, Newlands, 7700
Tours cost R30/pp and includes 2 complimentary drinks



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